“I shall give to charity on his/her behalf…”

On four holy days a year, we pause for a few minutes to remember those who are no longer with us by reciting the Yizkor prayer. We remember shared times with loved ones, and attempt to draw strength and inspiration from the example they set for us.

The Yizkor prayer encourages us to make a charitable gift in memory of those loved ones. In this small way, our dearly departed continue to have a positive effect on the world, and we, in return, are able to spiritually elevate their souls.

At Talmudic University, we appreciate your generosity and utilize contributions to further the study of Torah. We strive each day to make our community and the world a better place both though education and various charitable foundations. Your investment in the Talmudic University empowers us to deliver meaningful services to our members, the South Florida community, and beyond, on holidays and throughout the year.

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